It’s Complicated

Returning to the enchanting world of the Shades of Cray series is no walk in the park. It’s a realm brimming with intricate characters and a whirlwind of events. Especially when it comes to delving into Piper’s psyche, I must immerse myself entirely in her persona. Yet, that task proves to be quite a challenge for me. Piper, timid and submissive, stands in stark contrast to my own nature. The temptation to unleash ruthless and sassy tendencies lingers within me, but I must resist, for that is not the essence of her character. I must remember to take a step back and allow their relationship to unfold organically, even though it tests my resolve.

Oh, Crayson Carrington, a formidable figure to bring to life on the page. His arrogance and control demand delicate finesse, for as an author, my goal is to create a character that readers can love. Balancing his complexities requires peeling back the layers gradually, allowing the winds of change to whisper through his journey, rendering the love story believable. There have been moments where I found myself softening him too much, necessitating scene rewrites. Nevertheless, I’m taking this series one page at a time, pouring my heart into every word. And I have an inkling that readers will be overjoyed with the tale that unfolds. Brace yourselves for the forthcoming installment of the series, Shameless, slated to be released this very summer.